About Us

At Bluebird Data, we specialize in aerial data collection — via photography & videography — from a drone.

About Bluebird Data

Company Story

Bluebird Data was created in 2015 by a commercial pilot, Joshua Jones.  His lifelong interest in RC aircraft, general aviation and photography found common ground in the realm of UAVs.  As a pilot of manned aircraft, Josh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Bluebird.  Satisfying the customer is his chief concern and his aim is to facilitate better decisions by providing accurate and comprehensive aerial data.

Meet Joshua Jones

With many years of experience as a commercial pilot, Bluebird Data's president, Joshua Jones brings a wealth of skill and experience to Bluebird Data.  He has a broad aviation background, ranging from general aviation aircraft to his current aircraft, B-747.  Flying commercially has given him experience working with the FAA as well as an understanding of the rules and regulations that govern the national airspace system.  He has over 9000 hours of flight time on single and multi-engine aircraft, giving him a solid understanding of aerodynamics, the influences of weather on flight dynamics and aviation safety.  Josh’s passion for flying and focus on safe operations is evident in his work.  His chief concern is satisfying the customer and providing impeccable customer service.